5 Pitfalls Of DIY Videos In Business

Written by Mike Parsons

President of Laser Stream Media since 2006.

April 1, 2021

If your organization intends to produce video content, consider hiring a professional video production company to avoid these 5 pitfalls – and #5 is HUGE. As tempting as it may be to try and DIY the project, there will be quite a few obstacles on your journey. Some challenges you may be able to overcome. But many will be difficult, if not impossible, due to the learning curve, inferior equipment and more. A professional video production company or studio will save you precious time, effort, frustration and money. And in the end, you’ll have a finished product of which you can be proud to show your internal and external customers. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider hiring professionals:

1. Education

Experienced professionals make most things look simple. After a doctor’s visit, you might be thinking, “I should have just Googled this.” But, education has value that may not immediately be evident. Professional video companies consist of individuals who have studied both the process and principles of filmmaking and video production, and through years of implementing those processes and principles, know how to deliver a finished video that achieves your desired results and move your viewers to action.

The quality of your video and audio is also impacted by the shooting environment and the equipment used. Many people underestimate the importance of high quality audio. But there is a saying in our industry… “70% of what you see is what you hear.” Improper lighting, ambient or unexpected noises can ruin a video and even require a re-shoot, costing you and your company time, resources and frustration. There are many things that should be addressed or mitigated prior to filming that an amateur most likely wouldn’t notice, but a professional production team would quickly identify and resolve.

2. Pro Gear

A sculptor may be able to create something amazing with just a pick and hammer, but video requires a multitude of tools to properly film and produce a project. And having professional grade equipment is crucial for success. Contrary to the phrase you hear, “Let ’em fix it in post,” more times than not, improperly recorded video or audio cannot be properly “fixed” in the post-production process.

Professional video production studios have thousands – or hundreds of thousands – of dollars invested in equipment specifically for this reason. A phone or consumer-grade camera is never going to achieve the same quality as professional gear. Now, you could rent professional-grade equipment for your project, but is it a realistic expectation that you will achieve a premium result without significant training and experience on that gear?

3. Experience

Capturing video is just one element of a project; experienced videographers and cinematographers understand the process of making a project successful. Experienced pros have systems and processes in place to take a project from inception to a successful completion. Which steps to take, and when to take them. Producing a video involves many skills which are learned, practiced and perfected over many years in the field.

As a DIYer, you may find yourself repeating prior steps or realize as you reach the end of your production that some things should have been done differently in the beginning. And if you are fortunate enough to salvage your project, you will have spent unnecessary time, resources and frustration reaching your goal. Experience brings efficiency.

4. Meeting Budget

Video production companies know how much a video will cost to create. Given a list of requirements for the finished product, they can give a precise estimate — or even guarantee a specific amount for the project. Most DIYers are surprised by the number of unexpected costs that arise during their project, for which they had neither budgeted time nor dollars.

There is a significant cost to pay employees to handle a video project and “figure it out.” Costs of time, equipment that may or may not be right for the job, and the cost of unnecessary mistakes. DIY projects seldom stay within budget and produce a superb video.

5. Customer Perception

This is possibly the most compelling reason to use a professional video production company. Regardless of whether your video will be viewed by your external or internal customers or employees, viewers make a conscious or even unconscious judgment of your company’s image and stability based on the quality of the video. External customers may see a poorly produced video and think your business isn’t performing well enough to invest a quality image – or worse, doesn’t care enough about quality, and wonder how that may reflect on quality of goods or services you desire to provide them. Internal customers or employees make similar judgments that affect their morale, confidence in the company or the perceived value the company places on them as individuals.

In the wise words of Zig Ziglar, it’s better to invest a little more than you had planned, than a little less than you should. Why settle for the “get by” when in the long run the “good” costs less. Hire professionals.

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